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Hi, We need help voiding a transaction & setting up Card Verification Data & Override Terminal Type to be on auto fill

Card Reader

Hello, We installed a card reader but when we use it not all the information is posted. And, other keys are added like % and letters where the number is. How can we fix it so we can use the card reader?

ExactJS library says - You are not permitted to access this service

I am using ExactJS and be able to render the form. On initiating the payment as per documentation, exactpay network call (https://api.exactpaysandbox.com/orders/4f494a32-4875-4304-8012-6d46f4e1fb7c/pay) has responded with error messages: ["You are not permitted to access this service."] What does this error mean? Where do we need to enable this service?

Customization options on ExactJS elements

I could not find any reference in documentation on how to customize ExactJS elements. 1. Is there a way to customize the styles like label font colors, borders, etc., ? 2. Is there a way to align the input fields into a single row? 3. Can we add elements individually in our html rather than single <div> element for all the card elements? 4. Is there a way to specify required card fields? For example, I don't want to ask 'Cardholder Name'.

ExactJS library giving 404

The following sandbox library referred at https://developer.exactpay.com/docs/exactjs-payment-forms is giving 404 (Not Found) error. Are the guides outdated? https://api.exactpaysandbox.com/js/v1/exact.js

Server Error (41)

Need clarification on below error Server Error (41) - Unable to Send Logon - Please contact E-xact Support.