API Access Set-up

In order to access our APIs, you must first create an API key.

Only the Merchant Administrator of an account is permitted to manage an account's API keys.

Once logged into your account, click the Administration tab, followed by the API Keys sub-tab.

Clicking the Create Initial API Key button will generate your first API key. You must copy the generated key value before saving as your API key itself is never stored anywhere on our systems. If you lose it, we cannot retrieve it for you.

Once you have created the key, you are ready to use it with our APIs.


Your account's API key is used to authenticate request to our APIs. API keys can be created and managed by your account's Merchant Administrator under the Administration > API Keys tab.

Possession of your key grants the ability to create payments on any of the terminals within your account. As such, it is very important that you keep your API keys secure and do not make them publicly available by accidentally adding them to client side code, or checking them in to a code repository.