Using a Payment ID

Using the payment_id and authorization values returned from a previous 2-pass payment (Pre-Auth, Authorization), capture requests are submitted as POST requests to the /payments/payment_id/capture path.

For example, let's assume we've created a 2-Pass payment and received a payment_id of 1a57e58b-25e5-412d-93fb-fc7b2f5c48d1 and an authorization of EP273834 in the response. Then, to complete the payment by capturing the authorization, we'd send the request to /payments/1a57e58b-25e5-412d-93fb-fc7b2f5c48d1/capture, as follows:

POST /payments/1a57e58b-25e5-412d-93fb-fc7b2f5c48d1/capture
  "amount": 100,
  "authorization": "EP273834",
  "terminal": {"gateway_id": "YOUR_GW_ID"}

Without a Payment ID

Using a payment_id is preferable and a much simpler process. However, if you do not know the payment_id, you can still capture a payment though you will also need access to the original payment method. You will also still need the original authorization value.

Since you do not know the payment_id, you use "open" in place of the payment_id in the path, and it becomes /payments/open/capture.

Then, you need to specify both the authorization value and the payment_method in the request body:

POST /payments/open/capture
  "amount": 100,
  "authorization": "EP525635",
  "terminal": {"gateway_id": "YOUR_GW_ID"},
  "payment_method": {
    "credit_card": {
      "cardholder": "Bob Jones",
      "number": "4111111111111111",
      "expiry_month": "02",
      "expiry_year": "2026"