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Getting Started as a Sub-Merchant

Onboarding Process

Merchants are either directed to Exact's onboarding form or will be directly onboarded via a partner's software platform. If the Software Partner directs its sub-merchant to Exact's onboarding form they will arrive at the screen below where they proceed to fill in information on the company's business, beneficial owner, payment, and banking details:


Successful onboarding represents the completion of the onboarding application, underwriting process, and merchant account creation.

Onboarding Status (Partner View)

Once a merchant has completed the onboarding form their Partner can view the status of their application as it goes through Exact's underwriting workflow:


Receiving your credentials

Once onboarded to the Sandbox, you will receive an email similar to the one below in order to create your user login.


Accepting the invitation will bring the user to the ExactPay Sandbox log-in screen where the user's credentials will be set:


Note: Additionally, merchants will be supplied with a merchant accountId either directly by the software partner, or by Exact. This value is a unique identifier for the account on Exact's platform and is helpful to have when seeking support or troubleshooting.

Processing Payments

Please contact the software provider to find out how to connect a new account and begin processing payments.


Once a merchant has been onboarded, and payments have been processed, transaction, settlement, and funding reports will be available. Reports can be generated via the API or using the PayFac Dashboard (displayed below) and can be downloaded as CSV and JSON files.


Additional Resources

Further information is available in our customer portal at Knowledge Base.