Individual Components

Building a payment form with separate payment components

If you would prefer to build your own custom payment form, we also support the required form elements as individual components.

Supported components are:

  • Cardholder Name (optional)
  • Card Number (mandatory)
  • Expiry Date (mandatory)
  • CVD/CVC (mandatory)

You can add these to your payment form, in whatever order, or placement you wish.

As with our previous example, let's start with a basic form to which we can attach the various components.

In this example we will assume the customer will pay direct from the browser, so you will expect to receive a payment_id in the response from ExactJS.

<form id="myForm" action="your_form_url" method="post">
  <h2>Payment Details</h2>
  <div id="expiryElement">
    <!-- our expiry date component will be attached here -->

  <div id="cvdElement">
    <!-- our CVD component will be attached here -->

  <div id="nameElement">
    <!-- our cardholder name component will be attached here -->

  <div id="numberElement">
    <!-- our card number component will be attached here -->

  <input type="hidden" name="payment_id" id="payment_id">

    <input type="submit" name="commit" value="Pay Now" data-disable-with="Pay Now">

Note: for simplicity we will ignore any other non-payment elements you want to include on your form.

Now, in your JS, you configure the form as follows:

const exact = ExactJS("the_access_token");
const components = exact.components();
components.addElement('nameElement', 'cardholder-name');
components.addElement('numberElement', 'card-number');
components.addElement('expiryElement', 'expiry-date');
components.addElement('cvdElement', 'cvd');

As before, you still need to add a listener to tell ExactJS to pay for the order when the customer submits the form.

document.getElementById("myForm").addEventListener('submit', (event) => {

  const form ="form");
    .then(payment_id => {
        // add the payment id to your form
      document.getElementById('payment_id').value = payment_id
        // submit your form to your backend
    .catch(err => console.error(err));

That's the basic process for using separate payment elements.

For a more thorough example of building a payment form, including creating the Order and the access token, plus handling errors, please consult the ExactJS Payment Forms document.