User Roles

The User API enables a partner to retrieve the available user roles under an organization. Roles protect your sensitive information and define which actions team members can and cannot perform on your account.

The example below shows a Data Analyst role available under an organization. The unique roleID will be used when creating a new user account.

    "id": "61eb502860ff1ad726a78b2d",
    "accountId": "61eb5028a41a93e84ff3685a",
    "name": "Data Analyst",
    "description": "Users with the role Data Analyst are granted enough access to to system information required to review and analyst account behavior on the system.",
    "permissions": [
    "inheritedPermissions": [
    "parentRoleIds": [
    "ancestorRoleIds": [
    "grantableRoleIds": [
    "createdAt": "2022-01-21T15:05:18.262Z",
    "updatedAt": "2022-01-21T15:05:18.262Z"

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