Orders API is used in conjunction with the ExactJS library to implement secure payment forms

The Orders API is used in conjunction with our ExactJS payment library to allow you to design and host your own payment forms in a secure, PCI-compliant manner.

Using the Orders API, the first step is to create an order on our servers (which you can update as often as you like until the customer has paid). Next, use the ExactJS library to gather the customer's payment data and initiate payment directly from the customer's browser.

Before rendering your payment form for the customer, you need to send the details of the order to our servers. From your server, send a POST request to our Orders API with the details of your customer's order.

You will need to use your secret API key to authenticate this request.

POST /orders
  amount: 1123,
  capture: true,
  terminal: {
    gateway_id: "AD0161-01"

This will return an order ID which you will need to include on your payment form.

You can also use the ID with the Orders API to update the order as many times as you need until the customer has paid. Once the order has been paid, further updates will be rejected.

The above example is the bare minimum required to create an order. Check out the Orders API reference for the various other options available when creating an Order.

Please refer to the ExactJS Payment Forms Guide for more details on integrating secure payment forms into your online store or mobile app.