Using a Payment ID

Using the payment_id and authorization values returned from a previous Purchase (1 pass) or Preauth/Capture (2 Pass), refund requests are submitted as POST requests to the /payments/payment_id/refund path.

For example, let's assume we've created a payment and received a payment_id of 1a57e58b-25e5-412d-93fb-fc7b2f5c48d1 and an authorization of EP273834 in the response. Then, to refund the payment we'd send the request to /payments/1a57e58b-25e5-412d-93fb-fc7b2f5c48d1/refund, as follows:

POST /payments/1a57e58b-25e5-412d-93fb-fc7b2f5c48d1/refund
  "amount": 100,
  "authorization": "EP273834",
  "terminal": {"gateway_id": "YOUR_GW_ID"}

Open Refunds

While it is technically possible to refund funds directly to a credit/debit card without capturing a previous purchase transaction, Exact Payments restricts all Open Refund attempts by default.

If you believe you have a permissible Use Case for Open Refund processing, please contact your Customer Success Manager or [email protected]