User Set-up

Once your account is created, you may create additional users as you see fit.

The following user roles are supported, each with different sets of functionality.

Read Only

  • can search and view existing transactions
  • can view reports
  • can view, but not edit, existing recurring plans
  • cannot process new transactions
  • cannot view, edit or create users


  • can process new transactions
  • can refund/capture/void existing transactions
  • can create new and edit existing recurring plans
  • cannot view reports
  • cannot view, edit or create users


  • all the functionality of POS, plus
  • can view and generate reports

Merchant Administrator

  • all the functionality of Merchant, plus
  • can manage users
  • can manage terminals
  • can manage payment pages
  • can manage API keys

You are the Merchant Administrator and are not permitted to create additional Merchant Administrators.

Creating a new User

Select the Administration tab, click on ‘Create New User’ and complete the following sections:

  • Contact
  • Login
  • IP Restrictions
  • Preferences

Choose a temporary password for the user and set the required access level and POS permissions. Please note: the user will not be able to change their login email address!! Once you have completed the relevant sections, click "Create".

Advise the new user of their temporary password. Once they have logged on, they will be prompted to change their password and configure their security questions.

Multi-Merchant Accounts

Multi-Merchant accounts are those with multiple Merchant IDs. Any new user created will automatically have access to all merchants and terminals belonging to the account.

A Merchant Administrator can edit the user and restrict access to a subset of merchants and terminals on the "Merchant/Terminal Restriction" tab after the user has been created.