The Exact Payments API is a REST-based API which enables the creation, refunding and voiding of payments.

The API is JSON-only and access is only permitted over HTTPS.

API Endpoints



The Sandbox has all the functionality of the production site, except that all the payments created are test payments No funds are ever transferred as a result of actions in Sandbox.

We recommend you use our Sandbox to familiarize yourself with our APIs and complete your integration, switching to the production site once you are certain that you have integrated correctly.

All requests to our APIs are over HTTPS. Insecure HTTP requests will be rejected.

Things To Note

All amounts are in cents.
For currencies other than USD or CAD, amounts must be in the smallest unit of that currency, eg: Yen for JPY.


Authentication to our APIs is via BasicAuth, using your API key as the username, and without any password.

For example, let's say your API key is YOUR_API_KEY, then, for the purposes of the BasicAuth algorithm, the username is YOUR_API_KEY, and there is no password, resulting in the input string "YOUR_API_KEY:" (note the colon!)

This input string is then Base64 encoded and included in the Authorization header.

Authorization: Basic WU9VUl9BUElfS0VZOg