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Release Notes 2024

We’re excited to launch a Release Notes section to give our developer community quick access to what’s new on Exact’s Payfac platform.

Check in periodically to stay up-to-date on our platform. We are constantly building and improving our integration and embedded payments capabilities. We encourage our developer community to share their thoughts in our discussion board.

Release Version [2024.07] - July 10, 2024

  • Introduced JWT tokens and backward compatibility support for existing tokens
  • Developer portal documentation update describing how to use the new custom label feature for ExactJS
  • Added support for 2 new ACH webhooks that will trigger payment-method.update event notification: customer_funding_source_verified and customer_funding_source_unverified

Release Version [2024.05] - May 07, 2024

  • ExactJS label customization capability
  • Added versioning for Payments API supporting enhanced field validations (V1.0 only)
  • Create Onboarding API Terms and Conditions are now mandatory; added a link to “terms and conditions” (v1.0 only)
  • Create Onboarding API updated Dwolla privacy policy (ACH users only)
  • (Elavon) Acquirer MID and (Exact) Account ID columns added to the Merchant Accounts section in the portal.

Release Version [2024.04] - April 11, 2024

  • Click to Pay wallet support with ExactJS
  • Merchant Funding Report enhancements to transaction level detail
  • Adjustable merchant time zone defaulted to business location in reporting UI
  • Duplicate email and legal name check implemented in onboarding and buyer bank validation processes
  • API Versioning for Onboarding POST method to support backward compatibility
  • Legal entity types updated for US and CAN
  • Multiple file upload capability added in several areas
  • Reporting enhancements to Transaction, Settlement, and Chargeback Reports

Release Version [2024.01] - January 18, 2024

  • ACH Payouts functionality added. Merchants can now payout to customers or vendors via ACH Credit
  • Cancel ACH Credit API, ACH Report User Guide
  • Enhanced branding and customization options with Partner Logo in the Partner/Merchant Portal
  • Updated final onboarding screen and API to link to Exact's T&Cs