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Path to Production

When your development is complete and you are ready to graduate from Sandbox to the Production environment, we strongly recommend that you complete the following:

  • Execute our suggested test cases—our Implementations team is always available for support [email protected]
  • System performance, user roles and permissions, sub-merchant onboarding, reporting, and webhooks should all be tested prior to going live.

In order to move to Production there are ten remaining steps:

  1. Communicate production readiness to your implementation representative.
  2. Send screenshots of merchant onboarding, registration and payment pages from your application to our Underwriting team for review and approval.
  3. Support will create a Partner organization in the Production environment and provide new live user credentials.
  4. Create an application and at least one application token to use for authentication.
  5. Onboard your first merchant account; work with Underwriting to provide any additional documentation required for approval.
  6. Register with Security Metrics and complete the PCI attestation.
  7. Review funding, settlement, and reporting knowledge base articles for transaction timing and settlement cut-offs.
  8. Process a transaction, monitor for successful funding and settlement.
  9. Generate each report type to track it through the entire data lifecycle (Transaction → Settlement → Chargeback → Disbursement → Merchant Funding).
  10. Support your sub-merchants using the guide we have provided here.

Post Production

Once your account is live and you’ve onboarded your first merchant account, we encourage you to continue using your Sandbox account for continuous integration and development on your embedded payments solution. We hope you take advantage of our continuous platform upgrades and feature builds to keep your application up to date with the latest functionality.

Release Notes: can be found here and should be monitored for our latest features, products and platform enhancements. Find additional processing information in our Knowledge Base

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