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Soft Descriptors

Soft descriptors override default statement descriptors when posted with individual sale transactions via Exact's Payments APIs. Default descriptors are set at the time of initial sub-merchant onboarding on the Elavon platform.

Statement descriptors are required to relay important information that cardholders need to identify transactions posted to their accounts. And, in cases where the cardholder has a question or issue, statement descriptors provide a customer service phone or web site address for that purpose.

Exact’s Create Payments API includes the softDescriptor object.

Only Merchant Name, Phone Number and State fields are required to pass for proper formatting of soft descriptors.

Since Exact Payments is a Payment Facilitator, the Payment Networks require a pre-fix to identify the platform (Exact) and the format would follow this structure: EPM*_Merchant DBA Name_800-555-1212_NY

Please contact our customer support team for required backend enablement to support this feature.


Sending the following softDescriptor details would result in the identifier EPM*_Some Merchant_555-123-4567_CA appearing on the customer's statement.

Request: Soft Descriptor Example
POST /payments
... // payment details
"softDescriptor": {
"dbaName": "Some Merchant",
"phone": "555-123-4567",
"state": "CA"